The Audi Q7 is a great luxury family SUV.

The Audi Q7 is a luxurious seven-seater SUV, that is known for it’s comfort, driving ability and tech features, with an extra 3rd row of seating available, which isn’t adequate enough to accomodate adults comfortably on a long ride. It’s best for kids.

It comes with two engine and transmission options from 2.0 L TFSi petrol producing 248 bhp to the range topping 3.0 L TDi which makes 245 bhp but offering more fuel economy, with the help of an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The Q7 looks gorgeous from the outside and looks modern and full of tech from the inside. It offers a lot of practicality and space. You’d always be comfortable in the front two rows of the Q7. The driving position is tall and would literally make you feel like sitting on top of the world. It has a solid build quality and Audi haven’t cut any corners with the Q7, it certainly feels worth the price tag on the inside.

The Q7 has the Audi’s famous virtual cockpit, which let’s the driver configure the gauge cluster to his need, if you want to see the maps on the screen ahead, just press a button. If you want to control the song you are listening to, again just flip a button and you can change the song without even having to take your eyes off the road. All good things come at a price and this would cost around a $1000 if you equip your Q7 with the technology pack.

The 7 seats come as standard but they are good enough only to carry kids and adults for really short distances. With all the seats upright, it offers 295 litres of luggage space, which is decent enough for a few small size bags. Fold down the 3rd row and you are presented with 770 litres of luggage space and you’d good for a decent 2-week getaway with your family.

Despite it’s huge size, the Q7 feels agile in corners for such a large SUV. You would’nt feel a single bump in the road in the Q7 if you equip it with the air suspension, if I had to say it in automobile journalistic terms “It glides over bumps and potholes”. You will be cocooned in the comfort in the Q7.

The Q7 is regarded at the ‘Bollywood car’ because a host of Bollywood celebrities own it and it certainly has the swagger of a luxury SUV. When you see an Audi Q7 on the road, you know someone important or someone famous is riding inside their posh and opulent Audi. It has a price tag of $70,000-$87,000 and for that amount of money, it is definitely comfortable, safe and luxurious enough to make it worth the big bucks.


1 thought on “The Audi Q7 is a great luxury family SUV.

  1. Dear Anjish,

    Good review…

    Would have preferred to have other Tech. Specs. Such as Torque, Tyre Sizes, etc. Some comparison with BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS…


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